Our Indian Counterparts


Vidhi Sanghvi

Hey! This is Vidhi Sanghvi, physiotherapist and an aspiring sports scientist from Mumbai. I am a complete sports freak – it’s not just a hobby but life in itself for me, something that encouraged me to take up this project for the building up of kids – the buds of society.



Hiral Liz Chahuan

Hi, I’m Hiral from Botswana! I did my undergrad in Physiotherapy and I’m currently pursuing MSc Exercise and Sports Science at Manipal University. I love rugby (huge Springboks fan) and swimming. My hobbies are going to the gym, reading, drawing and I’m a foodie! The RGU GO: India project is important to me because I’d really like to be part of the promotion of sports culture in India, especially for girls and women. It would be great to see India reach its full potential in both physical activity and sports overall.



Tenzin Choezom

Hi this is Tenzin Choezom, a Tibetan born and brought up in Himachal Pradesh, a beautiful state in Northern India. I studied Physiotherapy at Manipal University and I am currently in my second year of Exercise and Sports Sciences masters. I have been working with ‘Tibetan National Sport’s Association’ as a physiotherapist for a football tournament and it was a great experience to be a part of something which brings together a lot of people of all ages. I dream of having the ability and the strength to one day be able to contribute to make society more welcoming towards their approach towards physical activity in general. I love dogs and basketball.
I look forward to the RGU GO: India project and I will contribute as much as I can with my knowledge and skills.



Lim Junn Shen

Hi, my name is Lim Junn Shen and I’m from Malaysia. I’m currently studying MSc Exercise and Sports Science at Manipal University. I personally love sports very much so that’s the reason that I took up this course. I chose to study in India was because previously I’ve done my bachelors over here and I wish to continue my Masters at the same place as well. The other reason was to experience other kinds of culture and gain some new knowledge. I hope one day, I could contribute to the Malaysian sports team in the future.



Chetna Mulchandani

My name is Chetna Mulchandani. I’m from Mumbai, where I have completed my bachelors in Physiotherapy. My interest in exercise and sports science grew when I had a work experience in the field. My hobbies include sports, travelling, music, reading and photography and exploring different cultures. I believe that for the society which has so much to offer you, it is your responsibility to give something back. With RGU, I get the opportunity to explore new cultural background and at the same time bring up sports culture in India.



Sarosh Somani

Hi, my name is Sarosh and I am a physiotherapist. Currently, I am pursuing a masters in Exercise and Sports Science in Manipal University. I aim to help the masses with my skills and bring pride to the nation with my work. I look forward to the opportunity to develop this “indo-scottish” relationship through the RGU GO: India project. It’s a wonderful approach to try to improve people’s lifestyle using ideas that were adopted elsewhere which proved to be a success. I wish to develop new ideas and implement them to their best, hoping to bring new outcomes to the people of Manipal.



Supriya Shah

Hello. I am Supriya Shah. I am from Pune, India. I have done my bachelors in Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery and then I entered the Sports Science field because of my passion into adventure sports. I wish to combine my profession of health science and my love for sports together. I would like to pursue my career into mountaineering and allied sports in the long run. And I also hope to invoke Ayurveda into sports rehabilitation. This will help accomplish my motto to promote fitness as well as sports into the society. I love trekking, climbing, abseiling (rapelling), cycling and off-road motorbiking. I travel a lot and like to explore new places. The RGU GO: India project is a step forward towards my goal: it is a learning process about different ideas, perspectives, culture, management and much more.



Siddhant Shipurkar

Hi, I am Siddhant and I’m studying Exercise and Sports Sciences at Manipal University. I love my course because I have always had a passion for sports and fitness and I was looking forward to learning the science behind it. RGU GO: India is a great opportunity for me to work with my foreign colleagues and learn and explore the skills I already have, that hope would prove to be beneficial for the community and my country’s fitness and sports future panorama.



Mayuri Gad

Hi I am Mayuri and I am from Malvan. I am studying Msc in Exercise and Sport Science in manipal. I have completed my bachelor degree in Physiotherapy in Manipal itself. I love cooking, exploring and learning new things. I am very happy to meet all these new interesting people from RGU! I am sure I will learn from them and also be able to share my knowledge with them. I will be happy to help them in each way I could. I love to be a part of this program as my motive of joining my masters program is very much similar to this: I want children to understand their sport talent in early age so they can have a healthier future.



Baneet Sharma

Hi everyone, I’m Baneet Sharma and I am currently pursuing Master’s degree in Exercise and Sports Science at Manipal University, Karnataka India. I graduated from Christian Medical College Ludhiana Punjab (India) with a degree in Physiotherapy. I love being active so that’s why I love to be a part of all games. I love travelling, running, jogging, and I’m into athletics. This year I’m representing my university in the cross country race. I believe that the greatest gift we can give to ourselves is our healthy life so I am more into health and fitness. I love meeting new people from different cultures so here we go with the RGU GO:India project. Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is a progress, working together is a success. Check out my blog!