Meet the Team

cutmypic (4)Laura McDonald

Hi – I’m Laura and I’m from West Lothian. I am a 3rd year Events Management student who graduated from a HND degree-link course at North East Scotland College last year. In 2011, I spent 12 months in South Africa with the educational charity, Project Trust, which led me to catching the ‘travel bug’. I enjoy meeting new people and exploring different destinations across the globe. I am not only excited about the prospect of visiting India and immersing myself within their unique culture, but the relation this project has to my course, learning new skills and enhancing my employability opportunities.

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cutmypic (1)Kirstin Bell

Hi, I’m Kirstin, a third year Events Management student from Aberdeen. I enjoy sports and travelling and hope to combine the two to become a sports event manager one day! I have a habit of making on the spot decisions and signing myself up to challenging sports events – this year I will be doing my second Tough Mudder as well as a 15 mile winter night trail run (please don’t ask me why). I’m really excited about travelling to India this summer for our project. Although challenging, it will be a really rewarding prospect to be able to deliver an initiative that will hopefully benefit many people across Manipal and Mumbai. I’m most looking forward to experiencing the Indian culture but will no doubt miss the chilly granite winds of Aberdeen!

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cutmypicStephanie Peebles

My name is Stephanie Peebles, I’m a third year Events Management student, I did the 2+2 from college in Aberdeen. I am an only child live with my parents in Inverurie and I’m a Carer to my mum. When I’m not at uni I spend my time working in my local M&S simply food store and get an awesome 20% discount! I fell in love with events when I volunteered for the London 2012 Olympics and since then I’ve worked at the commonwealth games in Glasgow, Ryder cup, golf open, Paul Lawrie match play, several charity events and I help run and organise the Inverurie Christmas festival. My hobbies include, drinking gin, wine, prosecco…. Anything really, being outdoors love a good walk and hike! I am also a Starbucks addict (terrible I know). So excited for this project it’s a fabulous, exciting, opportunity! Can’t wait to see it all come together and enjoy this experience!

cutmypic dfHazel Sy

My name is Hazel Sy. I am studying nutrition and interested in sports nutrition. I like doing sports and chocolate. In the project, I am going to bring all I learnt and experienced from life to promote health and well-being. Let people understand it is not difficult to achieve from daily life. From the project, I will gain a different perspectives of diet pattern and nutritional status. Also, understand the difficulties of achieving different angles of health and well-being.

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cutmypic (3)Jen Miller

I’m Jen and I am in my third year studying nutrition at RGU. I love cooking, baking and, especially, eating food! I also enjoy being active and like to go for nice long walks and I snowboard and cycle. My part time job is working with children, both in day care and nannying. It’s so much fun! I would still like to work with children in some respect once I’ve finished my degree. I’m really looking forward to being involved in the RGU Go:India project as it will be amazing to experience a different culture whilst at the same time gaining some invaluable work experience. It will be very interesting to learn about the things people over there like to get involved in and how we can use this to promote healthy lifestyle choices within the community. And I’m sure I will learn a lot while I’m in India that I can share with my peers after the experience!

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cutmypic (2)
Jamie Laird

Hey guys I’m Jamie Laird and I am a second year sports and exercise scientist. I am 19 years old and from Edinburgh. As you can tell from my subject choice I am in love with sports. I enjoy most sports but I specialise in sprinting and rowing. Currently I am training 5/6 times a week for sprinting in order to compete at a high standard in the summer. Rowing is a sport I only began participating in when I first arrived in Aberdeen. Since my first time in the boat I have achieved great success in both the Aberdeen Boat Race and the Scottish Championships. Aside from training and my studies I work at the Apple Store in Union Square. I absolutely love my job and I believe that the qualities I have gained from this will be useful for the India project. I believe I can bring a huge range of knowledge about sports and also coaching. As well as this I can bring a good spirit to the team as I believe I am lovely, friendly and can chat for days. I am really looking forward to the trip and getting to know everyone better!

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cutmypic (2)Ewan Sutherland

My name is Ewan, I’m a second year sport and exercise science student. I enjoy watching and playing sports and learning new things, particularly about other countries or cultures. I applied for the RGU GO: India project as I felt that it would be an interesting and rewarding experience for me and it would also allow me to make an impact on others’ lives. My main aim is to apply what I am learning in my course to an actual project. Furthermore, I am hoping that my contribution to this project will allow it to be a success so that the project can continue to help others in the future and allow other students the same opportunity that I have been given.

cutmypicAllana Hardie

Hi there. My name is Allana Hardie and I am in third year Communication Design at Gray’s School of Art, RGU. Currently I am taking part in an Erasmus exchange, studying Crossmedia Design at AKI Artez in Enschede, Holland. Both of these courses main focuses are Graphic Design, Illustration and Photography. As a future designer (hopefully!), I feel it is essential to travel to experience different cultures and ways of life, in the hope that it will affect my work, especially within social design which is currently playing a large part within my practice. During our visit to India, I hope to be able to help with the creative side of things, such as painting a large mural with the help of the community, which is great in many ways, for example in bringing people together and to keep kids from getting bored.

cutmypicAngelika Muzyka

Hey there, I’m Angie and I’m in my third year of studying Public Relations. I love all things people and I am determined to grab every opportunity that allows me to immerse myself in different cultures and observe human interactions. I inhale books, love to write, appreciate good food (and red wine) and enjoy wandering around. My brain is hyper-analytical, especially when it comes to people, which is one of the main reasons why I’ve chosen to take part in this project. Have you ever looked around you and wondered about how many there are of us – all leading unique lives, experiencing every minute differently. I believe that travel allows us to learn from each other’s experiences and see the bigger picture – and why not do it while also helping others? As well as that, I thought it was about time to learn about healthy living – because I ain’t that healthy myself, oops.

cutmypicfAmy Wilson

Hey my name is Amy and I’m currently studying media. Before that I studied creative industries: radio at Nescol. When I’m not working hard at uni, I work at Vodafone which funds my expensive gadget habit. My hobbies include shopping and overall being Queen of everything, but I like drinking rum and dancing too. My plan for the future is to be involved in either production, filming or some sort of amazing venture where I’m like super famous. But it would be great to use the India opportunity to help hone my skills (if any) and be great to add to my CV.

cutmypicJosie Morrison

My name is Josie and I am a third year media student from Aberdeenshire. I completed an HNC in Radio at NESCOL before attending RGU in second year. Since joining the media course I have realised that my main passion is video production. The Go: India project caught my attention because it would help me to further my skills in video production as well as allowing me to see a bit more of the world and experience different cultures and people. It would also give me the chance to create a positive impact on the world and my own well-being. The prospect of learning about different cultures and people is incredibly exciting and I cannot wait to see how the project pans out!

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cutmypicdGiulia Bottaro

My name is Giulia, I’m from Italy and I’m a third year Journalism student. I love books, films, food and travels. I like to step out of my comfort zone and see what happens. I love stories, listening to people and that’s what drives me to become a journalist and what I want to do in India, while working on our project. I’m very excited about it and I can’t wait to meet the local community in Manipal and report everything that happens there so that RGU will be able to make this initiative an annual tradition. Also, I’m also a big fan of cats – I hope to befriend many of them in India!

cutmypic fCamilla Giannoni

I am Camilla and I am in my third year studying Journalism at RGU. I have got a real passion for art, Tonio Kröger and travels. I also like exploring new places and getting to know cultures which are different from mine, this is why I moved to Scotland from Italy and why I believe going to India will be an incredible experience. Having the opportunity to help people to improve their health and wellbeing conditions will make me grow up as an individual and at the same time will give me the chance to be useful for others. I will never state enough how grateful I am for having the chance to take part in this project.

cutmypic (5) Simona Bisiani

Travelling to India to aid humans in need and report on what the team will carry out in Manipal and Mumbai might be the most exciting thing that ever happened to my life. My name is Simona, I am a third year Journalism student with a huge passion for learning and sharing information in creative ways. That is exactly what I am planning to do in India and throughout my life as well. I crave for acknowledging what happens in our reality and to spread that information to people, in the belief that awareness is the key factor that will drive us to improve our world. Beside that, I am an Italian-Swedish young woman who lives in a foreign country and who hopes to become a documentary film-maker for National Geographic.