Our Mumbai adventure

After three amazing yet very intense weeks spent in Manipal delivering our health and wellbeing initiative, on Monday the 12th of September we left for Mumbai. Saying goodbye to our buddies and to all the people that collaborated with us and helped us settling in was not easy, however the excitement for what the final … More Our Mumbai adventure

Slum ain’t glum

As a brit, hearing the word slum you think of haphazard houses, abject poverty, garbage littering every street and rabies infested dogs. Visiting the Dharavi slum was something many of us were looking forward too, yet we felt a certain anticipation for the sights we would see. The journey started with meeting one of our … More Slum ain’t glum

A bitter surprise

When we woke up this morning, we had only one thought in mind: it’s festival day. Even the 5am alarm didn’t hit as hard as usual. But when we got to the sports centre and saw our coordinator Bryan, we received the new: Madhava Kripa school was going to be closed for the day because of … More A bitter surprise

Establishing bonds with the kids: our school sessions in Madhava Kripa

The morning sessions kept going on Wednesday and Thursday with the same scheme of Tuesday, adding the crafts and improving the organisation. While the kids were playing on the pitch, we had our Communication and Design student Allana painting a banner on the stage. We would get two kids out of the crowd every five … More Establishing bonds with the kids: our school sessions in Madhava Kripa