A night at the British Council

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On Friday the 16th of September we were invited by the British Council to their office in Mumbai to deliver a presentation about the RGU Go: India project that they supported before our departure and throughout our time in India.

When we got there we were welcomed by a small banquet where we met some of the guests, mainly young people who were undertaking a work abroad internship with the British Council and where teaching in schools in India.

We also met Sharon Memis, the director of the British Council for West India, who showed us a video explaining what the main activities carried out by the organisation are and explained us more about it. The first activity of the evening was a quiz to test our knowledge about the Indian history and culture in which the winners were awarded a prize in chocolate. This definitely contributed to make us release some stress before delivering the presentation.

We were then asked to move to another room to meet the rest of the guests and explain the purpose of RGU Go: India and to show the trailer for the documentary. Thanks to all the rehearsal we had done before the event everything ran smoothly and all the guests seemed impressed and interested in the project.

After thanking the British Council for all the support it gave us we had some time to enjoy a Indian delicatessens and have a chat with the guests, among who there were some important personalities.

We ended the night with some wine and we were all very grateful for getting the chance to hear about the other guests’ experiences.




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