A bitter surprise

When we woke up this morning, we had only one thought in mind: it’s festival day. Even the 5am alarm didn’t hit as hard as usual. But when we got to the sports centre and saw our coordinator Bryan, we received the new: Madhava Kripa school was going to be closed for the day because of a strike, and we should have not kept our hopes up for tomorrow as there were a few chances it could be open. The principal had said yesterday there was a very small probability of this happening, but we didn’t consider it an option.

There has been a farmers strike in the State of Karnataka, to protest against the Supreme Court verdict which ordered 15000 cusecs of Cauvery water to be released to Tamil Nadu.

The basket seemed farther to reach, our feet heavier. We had come so far for nothing. Sure, our morning sessions had been an amazing experience, but everyone was looking forward to see everything coming together.

However, later on in the morning, we found out the school will be open tomorrow morning. Our morals changed again, this time for the best.

We should have the same space allowed as today, which consists of the indoors pitch we used for the morning sessions and the rooms around it. The original plan was to assign a few of us for each of the five sections of standard 4, for a total of 35 kids per group. We will have three slots of 15 minutes for each activity: sports in the pitch, crafts and nutrition classes in the rooms.

In case the rooms were not available, we will have the kids playing outside. In case of rain, we will have some kids in a sheltered area and some kids in the indoors pitch. Our Events Management students Kirstin and Laura have prepared several contingency plans and are ready to face any possible challenge.

We are ready to go, and hopefully the school too this time! Stay tuned.

Our leaflets and posters ready for tomorrow



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