Establishing bonds with the kids: our school sessions in Madhava Kripa

The morning sessions kept going on Wednesday and Thursday with the same scheme of Tuesday, adding the crafts and improving the organisation.

While the kids were playing on the pitch, we had our Communication and Design student Allana painting a banner on the stage. We would get two kids out of the crowd every five minutes, to give everyone the chance to try some arts.

We improved the logistics of our games and set a plan to be more direct and clear to the children: we found out ways to explain the rules in easier ways and realised that coaches had to ask the kids to repeat to make sure they had understood. We improved communication with them and between us, and our engagement too. We encouraged everyone of the group to be on the side of the pitch smiling and cheering up, while keeping an eye on safety.

The kids were extremely receptive and eager to participate. Hazel, our Nutrition student, said: “They know so much already, it’s so easy to talk to them”. We ask them which foods are high in sugar in their opinion, by the time you bat your eyes most hands are raised to reply the question. Cake, sheera, cola – they know it. The principle and the vice principle appreciate the learning side of our initiative: the children have fun and take home some new notions, too.

Dr. Fiddy Davis, our counterparts lecturer, assisted on Wednesday not only as a supervisor, but also as a parent. “My daughter was really excited this morning – he said – they usually spend all day sitting in a classroom, this is a special morning for them”.

Painting with just a couple of them per time was a great moment for us to have an insightful conversation, learn more about their relationship with sports and healthy living, and hear their comments on the project.

The constant laughs and smiles on their faces are the best message for us: we are doing it right. And hearing that they will have less fizzy drinks from now on, or that they learnt something new, completes the picture. RGU Go: India could have not gone better and we are very much looking forward to the final festival on Friday, when all will come together and we will see them again, having created incredible memories together.


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