The first school sessions

On Tuesday we have finally delivered the first session at the Madhava Kripa school, which has proved to be very successful! Despite the pouring rain, which did not allow us to use the big outdoor space, all the activities ran smoothly in the indoor area.

After setting up the equipment and discussing the last details we finally met the pupils at 11am. The sports science students appointed two coaches and two assistant coaches to be quicker and more effective in delivering the games, while the others were helping with the equipment.

The kids, all in standard 4, followed them to the centre of the court while smiling and waving their little hands. Nutritionists and sport scientists had been working together to present games which combined elements of both disciplines. In this way the pupils were learning more about a healthy diet as well as the fundamental movements of sports such as catching, throwing, jumping.

In the breaks between one activity and the next one the nutritionists were explaining the principles of a balanced diet, which was then reinforced by the following game. Meanwhile, the events management students were taking care of the timing and overseeing all the different activities.

The pupils participated enthusiastically and seemed to be enjoying both the games and learning something new. At the end of the sessions our coaches asked to recap what had been said to see if the learning activities had been successful, and the kids proved to have gained knowledge on the difference between good sugars and bad sugars!

After the school sessions we ran a feedback meeting among ourselves and the lecturers, aiming at learning from the first day and improve in the consequent ones. Even if everyone was really pleased by the success encountered at the school we found out some improvements could have been adopted to make the following days even more memorable.

During the second session, in fact, more precise roles had been appointed for each single member of the team. With one person monitoring how much time should have been used exactly for each activity and updating his peers constantly we managed to deliver the games without wasting any time. The coaches introduced themselves to the kids prior to the start of the session to feel more familiar to the kids and a new activity has been introduced, in fact some of the pupils were helping the communication and design student to decorate a mural that will then be left at the school.

The principal of the school, Mrs Jessy Andrews, was very satisfied with the outcome of these first days and has high hopes for the final event that we will run on Friday.

It felt so rewarding to see the smiles on the kids’ faces and feel that they truly enjoyed themselves with us, while learning about something so essential and useful for their future.

Despite all the organisational challenges, the hard planning and determination of the team have paid back and we are determined to keep up with the good work to deliver a successful project!

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