A chat with our Event Managers

With all that’s been going on with event planning, sport sessions, vlogs and finding some time to enjoy a cheeky paneer it’s hard to think we would have time to chat with our events girls Laura and Kirstin, but Giulia managed to get a quick update and find out what they had been up to.

laura kirstin

G: How did you feel when you arrived in India?

K: I was super excited, it’s a completely different world but it’s incredible and I feel so lucky to be here.

L: It felt really hot! It’s great though, we’ve been working on this project since December and the excitement has been building up over the last few months. It was when we were sitting on the plane I realised that we were finally coming to India.


G: How is Manipal university and how are the people of Manipal?

K: The university is amazing and the facilities are incredible. I think we can both say we are so lucky to be here.

L: It was different from what I expected. We were told that it was a university town, but it genuinely is a whole town built around a university! There are all these buildings which are part of the university so that when you walk around you feel like you’re always on campus. The facilities are outstanding too: for example, we play sports at the Marena complex, that has an NBA style basketball court which is amazing!

K: Also everyone is so nice to us it’s such a lovely place.


G: What about your buddies?

K: HA! I think we would be lost without them!

L: We had team building exercises with them during our first few days and at first there was a barrier, but now we feel like we’ve known them much longer. Each day they teach us something new which is a great asset to the project.

K: They are not our ‘buddies” – they are our friends!


G: Can you give a brief explanation about the role the buddies have?

L: We have ten counterparts who are MSc Sport Science students and their role is to come up with ideas for sport sessions and give background to these, as well as provide information about the area.

K: They all have undergraduates in different things so they have different skills to offer. They do a great job of keeping us busy showing us where to eat and drink, or what to do in Manipal.

L: They have helped us integrate into the culture, which is very different to back home.


G: How do you think the project would have went without them?

K: It would have been very different and difficult as they have provided us with locations and resources and without them we may not have known where to start.

L: With us being from an events background knowing the area is very important, so we have been lucky to work with the Manipal students.


G: Have you worked on similar events before?

K: I have been a part of the Aberdeen Youth Games which is a similar initiative involving sports and young children. It was so much fun for me and exciting for the kids involved too. This event is slightly different as we are focused on the nutrition side too.

L: I have never ran a sports event before, I am interested in sport but this is a first for me: I usually run events that involve art and culture.


G: Tell us about your favourite part of this trip so far.

L: Going to Lord Krishna’s festival in celebration of his birthday! It was mind blowing to view from an events management perspective. There wasn’t a single moment when I had personal space it was chaotic and something you just wouldn’t experience in the UK – with all those health and safety regulations. However it was the best way to really immerse ourselves with the culture as soon as you walked in it was a different world with elephants, ancient buildings, men dressed as tigers breathing fire. I was so amazed and I just wished the UK had something similar.


G: And finally, how are you handling the challenges?

K: I love it, they make you realise your potential and show you how far you have come since starting your degree. It really shows how good you are as an events manager and it makes you feel great about yourself.



Keep up to date with our blogs posts and other social media to find out how the rest of the project goes! Ciao for now.



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