The Project Week is approaching. What exactly is happening?


Our vague ideas and big dreams have finally become a well detailed plan of action. We have been discussing, pondering, picturing what the project would consist of and we can now proudly show what will happen. Of our four weeks in India, three are being spent in Manipal and one in Mumbai, where we will present the project to the British Council. The two first weeks here are meant to get to know the area, find a place where to implement the activities and organise them, which is what we are up to in these days. The third week will be project week and we are looking forward to see months of work translated into reality. Our aim is to encourage children to adopt a healthy lifestyle by teaching them more about sports and nutrition. We will hold morning sessions in the primary school of Mhadava Kripa from Tuesday to Thursday and a final festival on Friday morning. We will have all the children attending standard 4, who are aged 9 and are 175 in total. They will be divided into groups during the morning sessions and play all together on the Friday.

Regarding the sports side of the project, we have decided to focus on fundamental movements. These are the basis of every physical activity, such as jumping, running and catching.

For what concerns nutrition, we are targeting both parents and children. We have prepared some leaflets for kids to take home. These will have tips on portion sizing and the energetic value of food.

The children will play games that combine both discipline. The games focus on food and involve all fundamental movements that kids will perform unconsciously. Our team came up with a lot of ideas. For instance, they will have to guess the category of different foods: when the coach shouts a type of food, like Mars Bars, they will have to throw the ball in the “good food” basket or in the “bad food” goal. Our Nutrition students will be explaining them a bit more about what has been named. The morning sessions will be forty minutes long and will have all our Sport Sciences students, from RGU and Manipal, coaching on rotation.

Kids will also be given the option to draw food on a board, supervised by our Communication and Design student. They will have to think about  healthy foods of different colours and insert them.

On Friday, all the activities will come together on one final session where all children will be playing together.

The activities will be held outside but will be moved outside in case of rain.


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