What are we going to do in India?

The day of the departure is getting closer and the RGU Go: India team is ready! We have got our visas, our mosquito spray and a laid out plan of everything that we will do in our three weeks in Manipal and final week in Mumbai.

The aim of the project is to give the children of Manipal a chance to improve their lifestyle by teaching them the importance of sports and a correct diet. Since we want to build a long lasting legacy, we will contribute to the creation of sports clubs so that kids will be able to keep a healthy lifestyle after our departure. We will go to primary schools and hold sessions to talk about exercise and nutrition and the relation between them. These will be interactive lessons that will alternate talks and games. In the evenings, we will have sports sessions open to everyone where we will play football, basketball and partake in athletics. All these activities will come together in our final event, a sports festival, on Saturday 10th September. On this day, we will have stalls providing information about health and fitness and sign-ups for future sports clubs. Children will be split into teams and rotate different sports in a non-competitive environment. This event will host up to 250 children. All our activites will be recorded and shared through social media and we will make a documentary which will be released at the end of the project.

Our team has members that contribute to different disciplines of the project: sports, nutrition, media, events management and design. We will work all together with students of Manipal University.

The final week in Mumbai is dedicated to present the project to the British Council.

All of us are very excited about this opportunity to give something to people and to learn more about a new culture, hopefully to come back with new friends and new precious experiences that will make us grow. Only a few days to go now!


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