7 months and £6000

Less than 3 weeks away from the departure day, we can proudly say that we are only a few hundred pounds away from reaching our target of £6600!

Raising this money will allows us to have a budget once in Manipal, which will help us rent facilities and equipment for the activities that we are planning to organise.

The fundraising experience has been challenging, fun and dynamic. As a team if 15 students with basically no fundraising experience at all, we feel really proud of our achievements and we would like to thank all of you that have contributed to our cause or that have read about us.

If you are interested in what we have done to fundraise for the project, read below!

Our fundraising timeline:

-Henna Stalls on campus as RGU: we have raised over £400 doing henna tattoos and hair braids at university;

-Hubbub, our online fundraising page, helped us raise over £500;

-Race Night, in June, hosted in Aberdeen RUA Masonic Club, allowed us to raise nearly £1000!

And then Quiz Nights, an Outdoor Indian Cinema Festival, Bake Sales, Charity Runs, a Bollywood Night, Physical Challenges, Coffee Mornings, a sponsored night by Underdog Night Club in Aberdeen, facepainting and glittering at Aberdeen Enjoy Music Festival, Kids Disco, Raffles..

The journey has been long, and not always easy, but looking back at what we have achieved it all feels really rewarding: a true life enriching experience, where we have proved adaptability and versatility, improvising ourselves as events’ managers, designers, promoters, technicians, runners and even bakers.


And now we have the insurance of a budget that will allow us to make our ideas become reality.

If you want to know more about the project and what we are aiming at delivering in Manipal, stay tuned! More information is coming soon.



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