Laura climbs ‘The Ben’

Laura climbs the ben

In August, I will travel to South-West India for 4-weeks where myself and 11 other students from Robert Gordon University will develop and implement a sustainable health and well-being initiative. The RGU Go: India project aims to encourages sport participation, fitness and nutritional awareness within the region.

In order to go overseas, the RGU Go: India team must fundraise £6,600 to fund our initiative activities during our trip.

For many of you who know me well, will be aware of how physically unfit I am. Being selected for this project has given me a much needed health kick! And to push my limits even further, I am challenging myself to climb “The Ben”!

I have climbed only 1 Munroe before – Lochnagar. 20 minutes into my trek (before we had started any accent) I cried! Ben Nevis is 1,345m above sea level, and is the highest mountain in the British Isles. Not only will this experience be physically demanding, but will be a hugely rewarding personal experience!

My boyfriend and I getting closer to the summit of Lochnagar – as you can see I didn’t look to excited or impressed by this…
Looking a lot happier with the rest of the team as we make our way DOWN the Munroe. I was also super happy that I finally was able to sit at the summit and eat my sandwiches!

To follow this fundraiser more closely, please subscribe to my personal blog where I will record my efforts throughout the build up, the climb itself and when I’m unable to walk for a week once it’s all over!

If you wish to kindly sponsor me, please visit my fundraising page at




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