Josie’s 65 Mile Challenge

Throughout June 2016 I will be attempting to run 65 miles in 30 days to raise funds for RGU: Go India.

Let me make it clear that I am not a runner! In fact I have tried to avoid running at all costs. But when I was given the opportunity to work with RGU: Go India and my self and the rest of the team were set fundraising goals I thought it would be the best way to raise money while sticking with the projects active and healthy living messages.

This project gives 12 students from different courses in RGU the opportunity to travel to India for a month to create and implement a health and well-being initiative in Manipal, India. I had the honour of being chosen to be a reserve for this project and I am working closely with the other students to help raise the funds for the trip.

You can also follow my personal progress with this project on:

Your donation will help fund the RGU Go: India project, and ensure that it’s sustainable enough to continue after the project concludes. Any donations are greatly appreciated and I would like to thank you for supporting a good cause. You can donate here.


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