Jamie’s Multi-sport Challenge

On the 30th June I will be completing a grilling multi sport challenge which includes rowing, running and cycling. I will start the day by getting on the erg and rowing a leg wobbling 12k, where I will use all of my previous rowing experience to push me through and complete it in under 47 minutes. As soon as I’ve finished the row I will get out on the road and run a quick 10k. Then to finish my challenge I will get on the saddle and cycle 15k, bringing my total journey distance to 37k. I have set myself this challenge in order to push my physical boundaries and to prepare myself for India. In India myself and my fellow students will be promoting health through multiple means in an area called Manipal. We will be coaching both athletics and other sports along with nutrition to lead a lasting legacy where the children and community in Manipal can benefit from developed sports teams.

Please donate as kindly as you wish in order to support my trip to India. All donations will be received kindly and will spur me on to complete my challenge. Click here to donate.

I will be posting training updates on Facebook (Jamie Laird) and Instagram jamielaird_) so you can keep right up to date on how I am getting on. I will be posting both pictures and videos of my challenge on social media also to show everyone how there donations have helped push me through.


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