#GoIndiaEuro2016 Sweepstake

Laura and Kirstin are 3rd year Event Management students who will be travelling to India in August as part of the project group. As part of their individual fundraising, they have teamed up to run a charity sweepstake to celebrate the 2016 UEFA European Championship.

All entry slots for the sweepstake have been filled, and the teams were drawn at random yesterday before the first match of the tournament, France VS Romania, kicked-off! #EURO2016 will last for 4 weeks, ending on the 10th of July, and the person who has been drawn the winning team will win £40! There will also be a small ‘wooden spoon’ prize.

If you are part of the sweepstake, here are the results of the draw:

Chris Bell: Northern Ireland
Jamie Laird: Albania
Craig Hunter: Portugal
Andrew Clark: Poland
Fraser Brand: Turkey
Christie Milne: Czech Republic
Andrew Duff: England
Kirsty Gray: Croatia
Alison Wilson: Sweden
Ross McDonald: Ukraine
Amanda Macleod: Russia
Bryan McCann: Belgium
Cameron Diack: France
Stewart Aitken: Romania & Spain
Kirsten McDonald: Iceland
Caroline Bell: Republic of Ireland
Sylwia Litwinienko: Slovakia
Connor Mackie: Wales
Helen MacDonald: Switzerland
Lynn McDonald: Austria
Kirstin Bell: Italy
Jenny McCann: Germany
Nick Bell: Hungary

Good luck to all of the participants, and enjoy what we are sure will be a fantastic football tournament!


One thought on “#GoIndiaEuro2016 Sweepstake

  1. Reblogged this on Laura McDonald and commented:

    Kirstin and I are the two event management students who will travel to India with the RGU Go: India project in August. In order to go overseas, we must each meet our individual fundraising targets of £400.
    We have both teamed up to run a Euro 2016 charity sweepstake to celebrate the 2016 UEFA European Championships.


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