Online Fundraising Pages

In order to deliver our initiative once we get to Manipal we have set £6600 that we are aiming to raise before our departure. We are organising a series of events in Aberdeen: the henna stall at RGU, the pub quiz at Siberia, the Race Night at the Masonic Social Club – have you joined one of these? We have set some online fundraising pages as well so that people who are not in the area can help us too. Our team counts international members and we have links all around Europe. One of the main aims of the project is to strengthen links abroad and we are doing it already!

We have set a Hubbub page where you can donate any sum you prefer from £1 on. There are rewards for everyone, from a thank-you email to the name of your company or activity in our sponsors section.

Our lecturers Bryan McCann and Rachael Ironside, who will join us in India, have set their own fundraising pages as well. Bryan will be joining the Liverpool Rock and Roll Marathon and Rachael will be running the Edinburgh Half Marathon on Sunday 29th May. You can find them here and here.

We hope that many of you will support us. Don’t be shy, every little helps!


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