Let’s take a look at Manipal

MU Building
Manipal University

The city of Manipal, located in the rocky hinterland of the Malabar Coast of south-east India, in the state of Karnataka is home to a prestigious university that attracts over twenty five thousand students every year. Once a barren hill with a few trees, the city was transformed to a university town when Dr. T.M.A. Pai started the Kasturba Medical College in 1953.

Today, over 28,000 students coming from 57 different nations attend the prestigious Manipal University that offers a choice of 2500 faculties, including medical,dental and nursing programs. The institution has also off-campuses in Mangalore and Bangalore and off-shore campuses in Dubai (UAE) and Melaka (Malaysia).

The fortunate location of the city, on a plateau from which it is possible to get a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea, makes it an enjoyable place to study and live. The city is named after the 400 meter lake located in the middle of the city which offers boating facilities. Manipal derives from the words “Mannu” which means mud and “Palla” which means lake in Kannada and Tulu languages.


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