Henna and Hair Wrap Event


Our team’s fund-raising kicked off with a stall at RGU where students treat themselves to a henna tattoo or a hair wrap. As well as that, we also sold henna cones for the brave ones who wanted to try it at home – it washes off in two weeks, an acceptable time to cover an absolute mess.

The event proved to be very successful with more than 30 people coming to get their tattoos done by our artists: Zornitsa Manova (2nd year Events Management), Paula Nanisa (1st year Communication and Design) and Simona Bisiani (3rd year Journalism), and more than 10 people getting their hair done by Camille Yerles (2nd year Events Management). We also got a special guest, Aneesa Karim (akmehndi.com) who took interest in our event and showed up out of nowhere offering to help! Aneesa is a very talented professional henna tattooer from Trinidad and Tobago and suggested collaborations like this in the future  which everyone at RGU: GO India is extremely excited for!

Many people were keen to join us but didn’t have the chance and inquired about possible future events like this – considering the success we are already planning to have more! We managed to raise more than £160 and we want to thank all those who participated – we are still far from achieving the final goal, but with your support we will make it.

Go team & Go India!


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